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My second childbirth story

About five years ago, I wrote about and shared my first childbirth experience. You can check it out here. The years flew by and in front of me now stands a girl in pigtails and pink glasses, who talks non-stop. … Continue reading

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My article in Women’s Web about a brief encounter with a “neighbor”

Some people we meet in life make an abrupt entry and a hasty exit, leaving faint but lasting impressions in their wake. Nothing too remarkable about my experience, I don’t even remember her name and yet I find myself thinking … Continue reading

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A short musing on writing, photography and other art

Springtime in the Bay Area, USA alters the landscape in a lovely way. Around February, March and April nature erupts into a mad profusion of flowers on the ground as well as above. There are these almost other-worldly looking large … Continue reading

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The unfinished business of writing

Last night I had a dream that I happened to remember very clearly even after I woke up. In it, a middle-aged fortune-teller with a bandana over her hair was reading my palm. I waited to hear what she would say but … Continue reading

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My childbirth story

So many female bloggers out there have written blog posts about their first childbirth and on reading them, I was fascinated by the fact that although this process is natural and common, it will never cease to be one of … Continue reading

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My article on Dec 2004 memories in Women’s Web

I had written a version of this on my blog last year. It is about my recollections around the natural disaster of December 2004. Here is the link to the article on Women’s Web online magazine:

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On transitions and life changes

Life is like flowing water in a stream, guaranteed to turn and change course as it makes its way onward. Sometimes it goes around too many bends in a relatively short period of time, which is exactly what I’ve been experiencing lately. A … Continue reading

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Where the mimosa blooms…

And sometimes you close your eyes And see the place where you used to live When you were young – ‘The Killers’, from their song ‘When You Were Young’ No matter who actually owns the place you live in, memories … Continue reading

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Sibling Love

I have very select memories from the time I was around three years old and there are specifically two incidents that I still remember about the arrival of my younger sister. One is an image of my mother walking past … Continue reading

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My memories of December 26, 2004

There are some experiences in life that get tied to shockingly big events and that day in December nine years ago stands out starkly from the canvas of blurred background memories. Back then, my father was living and working in … Continue reading

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