On transitions and life changes

Life is like flowing water in a stream, guaranteed to turn and change course as it makes its way onward. Sometimes it goes around too many bends in a relatively short period of time, which is exactly what I’ve been experiencing lately. A previous blog post ‘Where the mimosa blooms…‘ described our own place of residence that we moved into this year. Around two months prior, the hubby had made a transition in his career by starting a job with a new employer and his initial time there was proving to be extremely busy.

Then around a month after we had moved into the new place, we were still clearing out boxes and organizing our home when along came a piece of big news: we were going to have a baby! Talk about taking a “pregnant pause” on this blog. (Simply couldn’t resist making this joke!) I shall write about my detailed pregnancy experience in another post. At the moment, all I have to say is that as the months went by in a blur of new discoveries, medical appointments and morning sickness, the rivulet of life made an unexpected hairpin turn … along with a large number of employees, I was laid off my previous job. Naturally, all my time after that was spent in hunting for new employment and preparing for interviews.

In the midst of this came the exciting opportunity for us to find out the gender of our unborn child. I did not have any preferences at all about having a boy or a girl. It was just going to be nice to have this knowledge beforehand and start assigning a fixed pronoun when talking about our growing bundle of joy. We decided to keep it a surprise for a day and then reveal it via a gender reveal party thrown by friends. My husband and I had requested the ultrasound technician and doctor to provide the answer in a sealed envelope that we submitted to a bakery with a specific order for a cake that contained the answer in the form of either pink or blue filling. At the party, surrounded by friends chanting 10…9…8…7…6… giving a countdown towards the moment when the suspense would end, my husband and I cut open the cake to reveal the color of the hidden filling inside. “Pink!” yelled someone as claps and shouts broke out. It was going to be a baby girl!

Typing fingersNeedless to say, with all the changes going on, this flowing water of life did not get a chance to wet this blog. My writing in general remained a dry riverbed, with no time for content to fill it up. It is only recently after I secured new employment that I am able to try to divert the flow once again towards it. Ah! How good it feels to pour out black letters on a white surface! I know there will be times when there will be a pause, when once again there will be gaps and silences turning the lush vegetation of words into a shriveled desert but seasons come and go and someday it will rain again, pushing my gushing river around yet another corner.


About Dancing Fingers Singing Keypad

This blogger is someone whose fingers itch to dance, coaxing the keypad to sing. For years, I kept saying that writing for me was a mere hobby. And then, just like the lead characters of a typical romantic movie it finally dawned upon me just how much I love this form of art and how I simply cannot live without it. And then we lived happily ever after ... or tried to, for isn't there the following saying? “Writing is torture. Not writing is torture. The only thing that feels good is having written." Originally from India, I reside in California, USA with my husband and little daughter and work as a software engineer. (I’ve got to be practical, the aforementioned love of my life doesn’t pay for food yet and it doesn’t hurt that I enjoy computer programming.) With the title loosely inspired by the Oscar-winning Chinese film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“, this blog, “Dancing Fingers, Singing Keypad” welcomes viewers …err… readers to savor the performances of its “characters”.
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