… Someone whose fingers itch to dance over the keypad, coaxing it to sing.

For years, I kept saying that writing for me was a mere hobby. And then, just like the lead characters of a romantic movie it finally dawned upon me that I simply cannot live without it. And then we lived happily ever after … or tried to, for isn’t there the following saying? “Writing is torture. Not writing is torture. The only thing that feels good is having written.

Originally from India, I reside in California, USA with my husband, daughter and son and work as a software engineer. I have a website where I’ve listed a lot of my sample work —  https://deeptiwriting.wordpress.com/

With the title loosely inspired by the Oscar-winning Chinese film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“, this blog, “Dancing Fingers, Singing Keypad” welcomes viewers …err… readers to savor the performances of its “characters”.

Most photographs on this blog are by my photography enthusiast husband at Myriad Moods.

8 Responses to About

  1. shweta says:

    Nicely done! well written. great pictures.

  2. dfsk says:

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  3. Pingback: Feedback again! | Chelle's Motto : Write or Die

  4. ANooP says:

    Hello Deepti,

    I have nominated you for an award as a token of my appreciation for your writing. You can check it out here



  5. ANooP says:


    I have nominated you for the second time, in all fairness I don’t know if it was a mistake or I liked your posts much more. I don’t even want to go there. Anyways, here is the link



  6. Gaurav Karambelkar says:

    I love this blog!!
    I never knew you wrote such beautiful lines!!

    Do keep on writing. It makes me feel like you don’t live so far away!

    Lotsa love,

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