My story ‘A Trip Back Home’ selected in top 5 on Women’s Web

Each month, the online magazine Women’s Web asks readers to get inspired by an iconic woman writer and funnel that into their own writing. The 5 best entries on the writing cue get published. For December 2014’s Muse of the Month, the following lines from That Long Silence by award-winning writer Shashi Deshpande provided inspiration:

“It’s astonishing how we comment on change, as if change is something remarkable. On the contrary, not to change is unnatural, against nature.”

Women’s Web gave the following synopsis for my entry: “Hope can be cruel, but we cling to it anyway. Here’s a story that captures the high and the fall of blind hope.”

And this is what was written on their Facebook page before they shared my short story: “Does home always welcome you back with open arms? This story has a heartbreaking perspective.”

The entire short story is here:

About Deepti Nalavade Mahule

Originally from India, I reside in California, where I spend time developing software, feeding books to my two children and submitting my short fiction. View samples of my writing on —
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