To wish for the Apocalypse or a better year?

As the year 2012 draws to a close, the world has been shaken by two terrible events occurring just days apart on opposite sides of the globe making us wonder: would it be better if the Dec 21, 2012 doomsday prophecy comes true and the apocalypse just wipes our miserable, undeserving race off the face of the earth?

First came the horrific shooting that occurred in an elementary school in Connecticut, USA. The fact that twenty children – ranging from six to seven years of age – and six adults were shot in cold blood gave everyone who came to know about it a sick feeling in the pit of their stomach. The public outcry that followed involved many issues ranging from stricter gun control to proper handling of mental illness problems which plague deranged shooters.

The second nauseating incident happened in Delhi, India, where a girl and her male friend who had boarded a bus one night were gruesomely attacked by six other male passengers. The girl was gang raped, both of them were beaten with iron rods, stripped naked and thrown out. The enraged public’s demands involved many issues ranging from swift action against the perpetrators to better security in public places.

What is really sad is that in both these events it took cases of severe magnitude to bring such problems to the forefront even though incidents like these have been going on for long. The week before the school shooting, there was a shooting in a mall in Oregon, USA where two people died and similar scenarios like the July Colorado movie massacre that occurred time and time again. Similarly, Delhi has earned the nickname of being the ‘rape capital’ of India due to the high number of frequent atrocities against women. It should also be added that such incidents are not limited to Delhi alone but occur shamelessly throughout the country.

Even though this awakening and urgent push towards taking preventative measures in both the above cases comes rather late, at least it is there in full force now. Action better be taken swiftly and people better wait patiently to see it completely till the very end. No single solution but many measures together over time will help reduce and prevent similar crimes because the circumstances and causes change from person to person and minute to minute.

The post started with the negative part of the title but it ends on the positive bit. Let’s hope that the victims and their loved ones find strength to overcome their ordeal and that history does not repeat itself so that the coming new year makes our desire of a better world into a reality. Change will not happen overnight but it looks like it has begun. In the meantime, could someone please pass on the guns from the United States to the women in India?


About Dancing Fingers Singing Keypad

This blogger is someone whose fingers itch to dance, coaxing the keypad to sing. For years, I kept saying that writing for me was a mere hobby. And then, just like the lead characters of a typical romantic movie it finally dawned upon me just how much I love this form of art and how I simply cannot live without it. And then we lived happily ever after ... or tried to, for isn't there the following saying? “Writing is torture. Not writing is torture. The only thing that feels good is having written." Originally from India, I reside in California, USA with my husband and little daughter and work as a software engineer. (I’ve got to be practical, the aforementioned love of my life doesn’t pay for food yet and it doesn’t hurt that I enjoy computer programming.) With the title loosely inspired by the Oscar-winning Chinese film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“, this blog, “Dancing Fingers, Singing Keypad” welcomes viewers …err… readers to savor the performances of its “characters”.
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