I Know What You Did This Summer – Part 1

It’s that time of the year now, when the weather starts turning over on its side so that it can lie in a new position for the next few months. This makes me fondly recollect the warm months that went by in terms of travel and sightseeing. A rule that always applies is: summer = travel. Last year was the same and Summer 2012 continued to prove the equation.

Tunnel view at Yosemite

Yosemite National Park

The start of warmer weather began with trying out something new and with my excitement at seeing a carpet of snow for the very first time in my life when the hubby and I learned to ski (‘It was s(n)o(w) very good!‘). A few months later, a wonderful trip with friends to a natural beauty called Yosemite National Park followed (‘Yosemighty‘).

The month of May saw us visiting the central California coast on a three day long weekend trip with family and friends. The presence of a very cute three-year old son of some friends made the trip so much more special. He was truly the star of our travels!

Hearst Castle access route

Hearst Castle access route

We saw Hearst Castle first. The numerous rooms of the castle overflowed with imported artifacts and plush furniture, both indoor and outdoor swimming pools enticed visitors and the artistically laid out gardens boasted of majestic statues, lovely flowers and lush plants. But more than the grandeur of the castle itself, its location felt as if it came out of a fairy tale, with it being situated on a high hilltop and a long winding road leading down to the turquoise waters of the ocean waves dancing back and forth.

Pismo beach ATV riding

Pismo beach ATV FTW! \m/

Early next morning, we hit the sand dunes at Pismo beach to rock out bumpy rides over them on sporty ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles). The sand dunes form pits which range from shallow, mild ones to crazy ones more than twenty feet deep. It took some time to get used to maneuvering them but once we got the hang of it, those mean machines roaring up and over the sandy hills and troughs sent adrenaline pumping through the body in full force! Woohoo!

Solvang windmill


Next came Solvang, a Danish-style town that is a lovely place to walk around with crowds of people taking in the Danish architecture, shops, culture and food. Even more fun is hiring and riding a nine-person bicycle through its streets, with all of us working together to move it forward by pedaling and making giggle-inducing jokes!

Dolphin spotting in Santa Barbara

Dolphin spotting in Santa Barbara!

Onward to posh Santa Barbara now! As if spotting a pod of dolphins frolicking in the lovely waters close to the pier was not enough, cycling through downtown Santa Barbara provided the perfect end to our travels.

Postcard Santa Barbara

Postcard Santa Barbara

Enjoying a simple bicycle ride through downtown Santa Barbara, with pretty Mexican style architecture flanking its sides, underneath the flitting shade of roadside trees, alongside flowers bursting with bright colors, people in no hurry to go anywhere passing you by on a lovely summer day in a sweet coastal town … pure bliss!

Cherry picking

Cherry picking, Brentwood farms

Some weeks later, a small journey that was a pleasure for the stomach as well, was strawberry and cherry picking at Brentwood farms. Although it was too early for strawberry season and not many could be picked, the cherry trees were ready to shower us with lots of juicy, delicious fruit. Sunlight filtered through the leaves of the trees and soft voices of people roaming around filled the large cherry orchard. We jumped to reach overhanging branches, climbed up ladders with collection buckets in hand and plucked ripe red cherries to pop them straight into our mouth!

Continued in next post ‘I Know What You Did This Summer – Part 2‘ …


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