Guest post by my photography enthusiast husband.

(Some in-house competition for writing, I fear! Hehehe!)

It starts under a thick cover of trees, the road winding a bit, gaining a bit. You zip along the southbound road maneuvering around the curves. You pass a couple of quaint little towns. The road is briefly flanked on both sides by small hills. Just when you wonder if this is all the famed US-1 freeway has to offer, the hills are behind you, the road straightens a bit and your eyes get drawn to the right towards the unending mass of blue water, the Pacific. Spellbound, you don’t even notice when the car slows down. You can’t take your eyes off the spectacle unfolding as you drive along but out of nowhere, a dense cloud cover envelopes everything around you. The only thing you can see is about 10 feet of the road in front of you. These anti-climactic clouds seem to cast a dark shadow on your elation. You keep going but can’t help thinking if you should just turn around and come back some other day.

And then it happens. The cloud cover departs just as abruptly as it arrived. You find yourself treading the road on the very edge of the cliffs with the vast blue expanse on one side and lush mountain meadows on the other. Wisps of clouds, a remnant of the huge mass you left behind, float above adding to the mystique of an already magical atmosphere. As you glide over a bridge whose beauty is only fitting to that of the water it straddles and the hills it connects; you watch the patches of turquoise in deep blue, the huge rocks jutting out of nowhere, the water changing it’s color at the whims of the cloud cover above and you can’t help but wonder if the word “dreamland” was coined here. Not being able to focus on the driving anymore, you finally take a stop to breath in *this* view and by gosh, is that the deepest breath you have taken in a while. May be another word was coined here: Breathtaking.

Big Sur coastline

Big Sur coastline, California


About Dancing Fingers Singing Keypad

This blogger is someone whose fingers itch to dance, coaxing the keypad to sing. For years, I kept saying that writing for me was a mere hobby. And then, just like the lead characters of a typical romantic movie it finally dawned upon me just how much I love this form of art and how I simply cannot live without it. And then we lived happily ever after ... or tried to, for isn't there the following saying? “Writing is torture. Not writing is torture. The only thing that feels good is having written." Originally from India, I reside in California, USA with my husband and little daughter and work as a software engineer. (I’ve got to be practical, the aforementioned love of my life doesn’t pay for food yet and it doesn’t hurt that I enjoy computer programming.) With the title loosely inspired by the Oscar-winning Chinese film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“, this blog, “Dancing Fingers, Singing Keypad” welcomes viewers …err… readers to savor the performances of its “characters”.
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5 Responses to Breathtaking

  1. Anonymous says:

    breathtaking big sur and eually replicating the exact picture of the nature’s beauty in your

    write up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i can view the scene when i closed my eyes. pan khare sangu kahi shabdacha arthch kalala nahi

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